The best developers in Dubai

When buying a property, especially not in your own country, it is always important to pay attention to the developer. To get acquainted with his previous projects, in what terms housing is usually rented, whether he violates them, what type of housing he specializes in, etc. But if we consider investments in real estate in the UAE and carefully study the list of developers in Dubai. Then the picture may seem implausible. Because the probability of seeing a developer in it who will not meet the high criteria is zero. The thing is that the UAE government pays great attention to the real estate sector, which means that only reliable companies can get into the list of the best developers in Dubai. The buyer can only find his developer according to the specified criteria. And to make it easy, we will tell you about the specifics of the work of local developers and try to determine who is the best developer in Dubai today.

The best developers in Dubai

Today, developers in Dubai are implementing hundreds of projects. But among a large number of companies, there are those that the buyer trusts more. There are several reasons: the history of the company, the period of work on the market, the type of housing it specializes in, the number of completed and ongoing projects, deadlines.

We get 6 main indicators, according to which we propose to determine the best from our list:

  1. Emaar. He is also called the “Royal” developer. He has been working on the market for 26 years. The company was founded by Mohammed Abbalar, an advisor to the Emir of Dubai on economic issues, and was owned by the government until 2000. Over the long history, more than 14,000 structures have been built. and today, he is leading 159 projects at the construction stage. Among the cases, it is worth highlighting: the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, the Dubai Mall shopping center, the Dubai Fountain Fountain music complex, the development of such areas as: Dubai Marina, Emirates Hills, Arabian Ranches, Dubai Creek Harbour. A distinctive feature of the developer is working with unique large projects. Including mainly luxury real estate. He rents out all his objects exactly on time. With the exception of force majeure situations, when, for example, the Dubai Creek Tower project was postponed for 2 years due to the pandemic;
  2. Damac. If it is necessary to invest in luxury but affordable apartments or villas, then the first company to be studied will be Damac. The company has been operating on the market for 21 years. And during this time, I have implemented about 11,000 objects. Currently, 123 projects are under construction. The Business Bay area was almost completely rebuilt by Damak. The development of the district continues at the present time. Prive, Merano Tower, Majestic, Avanti, Safa Tower 1 and 2, Damac Hills and Damac Hills 2 are all projects of the company. The high speed of delivery of objects has become one of the distinctive features of the developer;
  3. Sobha. He has been operating on the market for 37 years. Apartments, villas and townhouses of the premium segment built by the developer are distinguished by the high quality of these objects. Since all stages of construction are checked on a regular basis. During its history, the company has built more than 16,000 objects, and today’s main project can be considered the development of the MBR City district. Where the company builds, in addition to housing, schools, kindergartens, shops and recreation areas. The award received in 2019 “The best developer of luxury real estate in the UAE” secures an excellent reputation for the developer;
  4. Meraas Holding. For 16 years he has been working in several areas: residential and commercial real estate, hotel business. During its existence, it has handed over more than 3,500 objects. In total, he currently leads 51 projects. Premium class housing makes up the main pool of the company’s facilities. The attractiveness and trust in the developer is confirmed by a huge number of potential buyers. What prompted the developer to come up with an unusual way of selling their objects. The buyer registers the application, receives a unique number, and then the developer conducts a lottery, where winning numbers are randomly generated;
  5. Nakheel. For 20 years of work, it has been widely recognized not only in the UAE, but also in the world. Thanks to the construction of artificial islands Palm Jumeirah, Jebel Ali, Palm Deira and the archipelago of The World. In total, over the entire period, the company has built more than 10,000 objects. The management of the company sees the main mission to create real estate convenient for life and business.

As we can see, from a small list where the best developers in Dubai are represented, it is difficult to single out any one developer company. Very high competition among developers suggests that all companies producing real estate in the emirate are the best developers in Dubai.

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